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  • Spring Inspiration: Peony Bud Vases

    Feb 12 2014

    We’ve been noticing a trend on Pinterest that we just adore!  Peony blossoms/buds in bud vases! The are the perfect little addition to a ...

  • Favorite Flower of Spring?

    Feb 06 2014

    WE’RE READY FOR SPRING! NOW…..If Mother Nature would just catch up with the rest of us! So while we patiently (or impatiently) wait for a...

  • Wintery Dreaming!

    Dec 06 2013

    All of this talk about ice and snow today inspired us! Looks at this beautiful winter inspired arrangement of pine, snow, and ice! So bea...

  • Christmas: What can we do for you!?

    Dec 03 2013

    Welcome Home for the Holidays Have you thought about what we could do for your home for the holidays? No matter how big or small, we ca...

  • Christmas: What can we do for you 2

    Dec 03 2013

    old world with a twist Here’s another great example of what we can do for your home for the holidays! Be inspired! And let us see what ...