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  • Pinecone Perfection!!!!

    Nov 22 2013

    via Call us crazy, but we love pinecones.  ESPECIALLY sugar pine cones, which are the largest you’ll find anywhere…AN...

  • Fall Arrangement Bliss

    Nov 15 2013

    Fall textures! Even though the store is almost completely Christmas, we haven’t forgotten fall and Thanksgiving!  We promise! Here is a...

  • Local First Saves! Cloches!

    Nov 12 2013

    Cloche w/stand! If there’s one thing we love, it’s a cloche on a stand.  What do we love even better? How about shopping locally and sa...

  • Long Needle Pine Garland

    Nov 12 2013

    Long needle pine makes all of the difference!!  Chances are you’ve heard us talk about our long needle pine garland, and how it can comp...

  • Before And After

    Nov 03 2013

    People always ask us “what special tree” do we use to decorate the store with.  And the honest answer is, there is NO SPECIAL tree, we ju...