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  • Honey TO DIE FOR!

    Oct 30 2012

    From hives in Cynthiana, KY, this is a great gift with a fun story and an even better taste! Jane Thomas harvests this honey from her hiv...

  • Christmas Video!!!!

    Oct 30 2012

    We told you it was coming! So here it is!  This is a great “Why I shop at house” video to share your friends and family! Be sure to like ...

  • It’s beginning to look A LOT like CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Oct 25 2012

    With only days until our Christmas Open House from Nov 5-10, we wanted to give you a little glance of what we’re looking like for Christm...

  • American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

    Oct 25 2012

    We will be taking donations of items (see list below) during our Christmas Open House for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge located ...

  • Meant to be SHARED!

    Oct 25 2012

    You might have noticed in our ads and instore promo cards, we have the chalkboard seen to the left!  This year, we’ve decided to add a th...