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Faux Peonies: 5 Reasons Why they are Grandma Approved!

Peonies, oh dear peonies, they're like the divas of the floral world—demanding attention and admiration wherever they go. Speaking of which, I knew of a...

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Jodie's Summer Basket Recipe

Hey Guys!  Our friend Jodie (@jodie.thedesigntwins) needed some help for a summer basket for her front door!  And of course....we were just the people to...

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Designer Secrets: How We Use our Hanging Basket

Tired of the usual seasonal wreath on the front door and want to do something else? Yeah, we hear you! That's why years ago we...

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Tips for Realistic Faux Wedding Flowers

"Where are my engaged people at?" Are you stressed out yet? If not, chances are you will be. And let's be REALLY's just the...

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Benefits of Using Faux Stems In A Wedding

There was a time that using faux stems for wedding flowers would have been considered tacky. Of course there was also a time when 1980's...

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6 Ways To Start Adding A Hint Of Spring To Your Home

Are you itching with Spring Fever?  I mean, who isn't at this moment?!  The idea of seeing another snowflake makes me want to curl up...

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Fluff or Flop...Magnolia Leaf!

One of our most popular items that we carry is our 14" Magnolia Leaf Picks! They are so beautiful and realistic looking, and can be...

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One of my personal (and professional) favorite ways to decorate for Spring with faux stems is to grab a mass of a single kind flowering...

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Spring Inspiration

Do you love all of the floral stems, but aren't for sure how to put them together? No problem, that's what we're here for! Below...

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