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S1:E8 Podcast Images - Inspiration

Jeremy's Kitchen Inspiration from Las Vegas. (And here's the final result)     Here is the rug that had to inspire a living room for...

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Dwayne's Detail Insprirations

These kitchen details are some of the items that inspire him with kitchens discussed in our S1:Episode 7 The Boys Podcast.

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Dwayne’s Laundry Room + Stuart’s Dining Room

In Episode 3 of our pod cast "The Boys", we discussed some of our favorite rooms in our home.  Here's the pics promised! :) If...

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Spring in our Personal Homes: Podcast S1:E2

If you listened to our podcast (S1:E2), these are the things I mentioned we would put in the show notes! If you haven't had a...

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Having The Right Tools For Success in Floral Arranging!

I had a teacher that always preached that "success sides with how prepared you are".  They ingrained into us that being prepared and having the right...

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Faux Peonies: 5 Reasons Why they are Grandma Approved!

Peonies, oh dear peonies, they're like the divas of the floral world—demanding attention and admiration wherever they go. Speaking of which, I knew of a...

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Jodie's Summer Basket Recipe

Hey Guys!  Our friend Jodie (@jodie.thedesigntwins) needed some help for a summer basket for her front door!  And of course....we were just the people to...

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Designer Secrets: How We Use our Hanging Basket

Tired of the usual seasonal wreath on the front door and want to do something else? Yeah, we hear you! That's why years ago we...

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Tips for Realistic Faux Wedding Flowers

"Where are my engaged people at?" Are you stressed out yet? If not, chances are you will be. And let's be REALLY's just the...

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