'Tis the Season of CHANGE

I am ready. Heck, I think we ALL are ready for something to change in our lives. I am dreaming of no more masks in my life, but that doesn't seem likely for a while. So, I have hitched my hopes on a change of the seasons and a beautiful fall here in the bluegrass.

In design, always start with what is the first thing people see (In this case, it's just my family because of Covid, but that's okay) and what is the most dramatic. My foyer is that moment.

Scale is so important in design and the foyer is fairly large and open to multiple rooms. The vase on the chest is close to 30" tall and calls for a dramatic look.

A mix of sunflowers, green hydrangeas, magnolia, seeded eucalyptus, birch leaves, bittersweet are all fall staples to me. I took it a step further by introducing the most realistic faux roses I have seen. The soft peachy, coral color is so rich, yet delicate at the same time.

I finished up a few days ago, stood back and thought this certainly has been an unusual year, but a new season is coming and this "moment" puts a smile in my soul.



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