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    Feb 21 2020

    Are you craving Spring like us?  Here's a really quick step by step guide on creating a dramatic and yet simple faux floral arrangement ...

  • Winter Greens Wreath DIY

    Jan 24 2020

    Tired of the snow and winter?  But have no idea what to put on the front door right now?  We have the answer, beautiful greenery stems!  ...

  • DIY Winter Wreath

    Jan 22 2020

    This time of the year, we almost have multiple personalities!  And who can blame us!  We've just gotten through the holiday madness, sta...

  • Floral Arrangement Inspiration

    Dec 27 2019

    Do you love all of the floral stems, but aren't for sure how to put them together? No problem, that's what we're here for! Below are some...

  • Christmas Arrangement Inspiration

    Nov 14 2019

    Loving all of the Christmas stems, but not sure how to put them together?  No problem, that's what we're here for! (It takes a second for...