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We are continuing to ship out same day, or next business day.  However SOME customers are experiencing delays (some small...some large) in shipments with USPS, FedEx, and UPS once they leave our facility.  And it completely appears to happen to random orders.  There's no rhyme or reason.  Please know that we are doing everything in our power to get your order out quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately once it leaves our hands, we lose all of the control.  Our goal is to make it a smooth and wonderful experience, and we will always work towards that goal!

3 Ways to Shop: Christmas Open House 2020

It's almost THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!  Also known as our Christmas Open House!  And this year, there are 3 ways to shop.

1) NEW!  Extended Hours w/Reservations

It will almost feel like you have the store to yourself!  We're offering reservations for limited shopping the sale.  During the weekdays of the sale you can book a spot from 9am-10am, 530pm-630pm (additional times/days will be added as spots fill up). Each hour is limited to 10 reservations!  To reserve your spot, CLICK HERE to choose your day and hours.  We are charging $25 a person/spot to reserve your space, and the $25 will be credited toward your purchase.  If you miss your shopping time, the $25 will not be returned, but 25 points will be added to your Loyalty Account. If you want to shop with a friend, either you can book 2 spots on the same order for a day and time, OR you can each book your own orders and book the same time/day separately.  After you make your reservation, you will receive a separate email with complete directions and what you should expect leading into your visit.


2) Regular Shopping Hours

Saturday 10am-4pm  / Monday - Friday 10am-5pm
We are allowing shoppers in at a decreased capacity throughout the day.  Remember, masks are required (We're sorry, no exceptions. If you have a health reason for not wearing a mask, you can still join the fun by shopping way #3 below), and we have LOTS of hand sanitizer! 



Shop anytime, any place! Even while eating a whole bag of Oreo's at the kitchen counter at midnight (there's no judgement here).  We're trying to add as many new items online as possible!  And as always we will be posting a lot socially...feel free to message or call the store about something you saw if there is no information or it isn't listed online.  And remember, you can have it shipped OR pick it up at the store, including curbside during regular business hours!


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