Fall Decor Versions for the Kitchen: 4 Color Ways

You've probably heard us say that Fall comes in many colors, and truthfully that's one of my favorite things about Fall.  The color! I personally am usually dull and monochromatic, however THIS YEAR...may introduce a little more color. (You'll see)

In my personal home, I really don't use that much color!  There's a lot of gray (it's been my favorite color since I was 12), white (and I mean a lot of white), beiges and a little blue here and there.  In my kitchen, it's white cabinetry and trimmed walls, so this is one of my go to places TO introduce color, because it's a great place for a colorful focal point!  And don't be too concerned about me taking up a whole wood cutting board to display my fall beauties, because I have an obsession with wood cutting boards, and I have plenty...no worries.  I actually had a cabinet made when we redid the kitchen to just to hold my collection, I would say I have a problem...but they bring me joy, so that's ok, right?  You'll also notice that I use the same white vase and cake stand over and over.  I'm a lazy decorator, start with a great base and change out with the accents!

COLOR WAY 1: Yellow, White, and Green


The first combo is kind of what I have done for the last couple of years.  I love white hydrangeas, and we are lucky enough to have a huge beautiful Ginkgo tree in our front yard.  So the ginkgo has always been a stem that I felt should be in the home for Fall! I do love the yellow color!  It's breath taking when it turns...and complete disaster and mess to clean up when they fall.  It's a total yellow blanket that covers everything...and for us, it usually happens overnight. 

Because of my...well, we'll call it obsession with neutrals...I love white and green pumpkins, but not necessarily orange pumpkins in the house.  So you can see why this has been what I have gravitated to for the last little while!  Neutral with just a pop of color in the yellow.

COLOR WAY 2: Brown, White, and Green


NOW...this color combo is a lot more in my wheel house!  I'm just obsessed with these brown beech leaves!  They are so beautiful!  And even better, just a few stems of them in a container makes an arrangement!  LITERALLY!  There are 4 stems in my white vase!  And they looked amazing in my kitchen. I'm really obsessed with some of our new faux pumpkins this year, they are so beautiful!  You'll notice on the cake stand that I used birch disks as risers!  They are a great way to add a little texture, and height!

COLOR WAY 3: Orange, Green, and White


These Pom Poms were one of my favorite new stems.  They are colorful, and most of all textural...which if you know anything about how I roll...I LOVE!  Plus, they were fun, and different!  I literally just place 3 of the bushes in my vase and just fluffed the stems to fill out and give some great shape. 

I did add some orange pumpkins because of the Pom Poms.  And of course, some white and green.  I can't help if I still love neutral.


COLOR WAY 4: Red, White, and GREEN



OMG....This combo had my heart from the second I started putting it together.  NOW, obviously these stems weren't just massed out in the vase, so it's a little more of an "arrangement" than the other styles....but it is soooooo good!  I could see it in a magazine somewhere. 

I have always loved Japanese Magnolia trees...I think they are just so beautiful and textural.  Our neighbor has one in his front yard I look at with love eyes every night while watering our front yard flowers.  When I paired those with my white hydrangeas, and the Magnolia budding branches, and a couple of pieces of birch...it was pure magic.  And even though I have always loved Japanese Maple trees...I didn't think I would love these in my house as much, because I'm NOT really a red person, at all.  YES, I have red glasses, but red just doesn't do it for me in the house.  We don't even do red for Christmas.  My husband won't let me get rid of 2 totes ofred Christmas decor from 16 years ago because he thinks we may use it again.  It's not going to happen, but you gotta pick your battles right?  BUT, with that said...this may be the winner winner chicken dinner for my house for Fall 2020!


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  • All your arrangements are beautiful! I love to bring in the colors of fall too. After the heat of the summer it seems the fall colors help transition to the cooler months of fall.


    Lynn Thompson on

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