What's All The Fuss About?

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be fussy. Keep it simple. Opting for one variety of stem can be just as beautiful to create a beyond memorable centerpiece. During the autumn season, you can never go wrong with deep reds, burnt oranges, and mustard yellows. Match these seasonal standout colors with anything neutral and call it a day. Let the stems steal the show and remember balance is key.


 Our first look we used our red/orange/yellow birch leaf spray. Simply, pair this look with your favorite vase that’s proportioned in size and add some cozy fall touches. Nothing screams cold, crisp air like candles and pumpkins!





In our second look, we used the same style of birch leaf spray, but in our orange/mustard yellow color. Many may already have décor lying around the house that can be subbed into your fall look such as moss, twine, or boxwood balls. In this case, our boxwood ball was the perfect size and contrasted the birch leaves so well. We decided to bring in a clear container that sat slightly below our vase. We then added a touch of green into our container with some mini pumpkins but muted the colors just a bit to not be so matchy-matchy. Easy breezy!





Next up, our unique pumpkin branch. Style with YOUR fall favorites or just things you enjoy looking at period. While arranging the branches, notice the color of the pumpkins and how they graduate from red to orange, fire came to mind. As we all know, a good fire calls for some good wood. Have a stack ready to go along with your favorite books and go-to snack. Your décor can serve a purpose and not just be for looks!



I once had someone tell me that they hated fall because the colors were so dull.  And every year, when the trees turn....I always think of her...because she had to be color blind.  :)  Sure there are many dark colors, but then you have the vibrant colors like this Aspen Leaf Branch!  Massed out this vessel is NOT dull, NOR difficult! Let alone fussy.



I absolutely love how the aspen is mixed here with muted orange and white pumpkins, AND blue and white!  So fresh and happy! Definitely not dull!





A color that I think gets overlooked for fall is red, like the red color of Japanese Maple trees!  I JUST LOVE this combo of red Japanese Maple Leaves, with Pomegranates, succulents, and the tortoise shell inspired vases!  A different take on fall and I'm all for it!



So if you get stuck trying to figure out how to decorate for fall this year, just remember that it doesn't have to be fussy, or complicated! The best place to start is with a little guide from Mother Nature!

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