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Small Business Trade Account

Being a small business, we understand that every penny counts when it comes to the business succeeding!  That's why we wanted to create a way to help other artists,  designers, and makers make their dreams come true and have their businesses succeed.  

To apply for our Small Business Trade Account, fill out the information below and hit send.  Once we receive your form, please allow us up to 3 business days to process your application. 

Once approved, you will be contacted with a custom discount code and instructions on how to use it!  Being a Small Business Trade Account Member will save you 20% OFF items.  There is no minimum $ spend to use. So you can use as you please.

Discount codes can not be applied with other discounts, and at the time we don't offer free shipping.

We want to help you stop dreaming, and actually make those goals realities with your business!  What a better way to start off, with the best priced Designer Florals on the market with HouseFloral! 


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