Our Team

Simply stated…”there’s no place like house”.  The boys (Jeremy, Stuart, and Dwayne) bring something to central Kentucky which is truly unique and something to experience. Although house at the simplest form is a retail store, it offers to their clients a world of opportunities.

Inexpensive designer silk floral arrangements, affordable gifts, classic and updated home decor, memorable wedding and event fresh floral designs, custom window treatments, and reupholstery are only start of what they bring to the table!

We could tell you about all of our bells and whistles, but the best thing for you to do, is to come in and see what all of the fuss is about!

house history:

house is the dream child of “the boy’s”, Jeremy Rice (seen standing right), J. Stuart Hurt (being held), and Dwayne Anderson (seen standing left).  Upon opening in March 2010, house immediately started making it’s stamp and signature style known in Lexington and around the country.  Presenting traditional elements in an untraditional setting, was the absolute perfect match for both “the boys” and house.  Focusing on silk floral arrangements and home accessories for the home, the boys have proven that unexpected and traditional can go hand in hand.

"The boys" then turned their focus to expanding with video's and an online e-commerce store...and have never looked back!