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So, unless this is your first time on our blog...or you've just been here for the pictures (ha) ...chances are you know that I  am pretty monochromatic and neutral when it comes to my personal space.  Don't believe me....?  Here's a pretty good snap of the fireplace in our living room on an average day!

Gray Walls, white trim, shades of Gray and khaki artwork, and then off to the side you may see flaxen linen very monochromatic.  I like color, don't get me wrong.  But for some reason I LOVE living in neutrals. Maybe it's the fact that by the end of the day working with my business partners Dwayne and Stuart, I need a little calm at home.... ;) just kidding. That's why I enjoy a cocktail at night. the midst of all of the neutral, I do love to add a pop of color when it comes to Spring and Fall.  Oddly, it appears that my go to color when want to add a real pop for both YELLOW.  Which, oddly is a color that I don't really care for much.  With the limited exception, of forsythia/daffodils for spring,  and ginkgo leaf during the fall. 

We have a beautiful old ginkgo tree in our front yard, that is our pride and joy.  It came with the house, and we're so thankful for whoever planted it when they did.  We have no clue how big it is, but we do know that if my husband and I hug the tree from opposite sides, our fingers do NOT touch.  So since we bought the house, that's been our go to stem for fall.  Well this year, we found a new beautiful foliage that I have just fallen in love with as well, Aspen Tree foliage!  I've never been to Colorado where these trees are everywhere (at least that's what I have been told), but evidently they are strikingly beautiful like our faux foliage when they turn for fall. 

Here's what they look like on the mantle!  Just stunning!  And guys, it doesn't get any easier than this...this is literally 5 stems bent and manipulated to create natural look shapes...shoved in a vase...without foam.  LITERALLY just shoved in a vase.  My tip here would be to definitely use a vase that is taller, with a narrower mouth.  It makes foam unneeded, and is easier to get the vertical look desired!



Of course, I had a to add a few little pumpkins nestled on the mantle.  I actually played with a couple of different color combos.  They are just a sweet detail that adds another layer of fall.  And let's be honest, you can never have enough pumpkins....they are like shrimp.  It doesn't matter how many you have, they will all get eaten...well in this case placed somewhere. 



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