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We are self-professed lazy decorators!  Meaning, that anytime we don't have to work really hard, but can look really good...we're all about it!  You feeling me?  I mean, the holidays are stressful enough and there is never enough time, but we all love a little Christmas or Holiday magic around the house!  So today, we're sharing a QUICK and easy way to add a little holiday magic to your coffee table without a lot of effort.

Basically remember this equation: ornaments + lush greenery = instant Christmas. I'm using a open bowl on our coffee table!  The wide spread of the bowl will help create a lush and dramatic arrangement!


Now let's get started!

1) Long Needle Pine Stems:  I took three stems and just bent the stems to have them fit in the bowl.  I hate to cut the stems, because I may use them somewhere else next year, AND they help create almost like a grid in the container to help control the ornaments and the rest of the stems, I'm going to add.  For my size bowl, I used 3 of the longer stem pine stems.



2) Ornaments: Add whatever ornaments work with your decor!  I found these ornaments years ago, and fell in love with them instantly.  Although, I did hate the gold strings that were originally meant to hang the ornaments, so I took thin velvet ribbon and changed those out.   I stack them, using the pine stems to help mound them up and make it a little more interesting.  Here I used all of the same size, but you can totally change up with different sizes and finishes.



3) Tuck in stems of cedar to start filling in holes around the sides.  This will again also help keep the arrangement secure and keep the ornaments from going on a crash collison course. You don't have to fill all of the holes, because we will do the same with magnolia. I used 4 stems of faux cedar!



4) Tuck in a magnolia leaf picks in other holes or as necessary, I used 4 stems of magnolia.



5) BERRIES!  Now, they aren't completely necessary, you could stop after the magnolia leaf, but we use navy blue as an accent with our Christmas in this room....So I wanted to add a little bit of that here, and I think it makes a big difference!  You could do red berries, gold, iced, even juniper!

6) And you're done!  I love how this looks  It took all of about 2 minutes to do.... And I didn't really work that hard!

You could do this idea with any size container, and in any place in the home!  I could see something like this being great for a kitchen island, because it's self contained and you could move it if need be, or on a console table! 

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  • Love the arrangement but need to know where to get that beautiful coffee table too! :)

    Beth on
  • Beautiful! Love the step by step instructions with photos! You made it easy enough for anyone to duplicate it! Thanks!

    Betty-Ann Scott on
  • Thanks so much. When I get back to Kentucky, I will definately come in. Y’all are the best

    Betty Yates on
  • Love the look and the simplicity. Nature is so beautiful (real or faux) that not much else needs to be added. Among other astounding attributes, the Lord is a master artist. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    Teresa Kohan on

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