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DIY Winter Wreath

This time of the year, we almost have multiple personalities!  And who can blame us!  We've just gotten through the holiday madness, started out a new year with resolutions that are never going to happen ALL while trying to learn how to write a new year for the date...AND we're ready for Spring, although we're still in winter...and will be for a while to come!  So what happens to the front door?  Our suggestion are beautiful winter greenery wreaths!  It's too early for tulips, peonies, and forsythia on the front greens are the perfect answer to bring a little life!  And today we thought we would show how to create a beautiful greenery wreath for the door!

First, we start with a plain grapevine wreath!  And then add a little spray insulation to a small area where we want to add the stems.  If you've never used spray insulation, be careful!  It's sticks to everything it touches, and it expands. So use less that you think you'll need, and don't touch it with your bare skin or get on your clothes! 

spray foam insulation

spraying foam into wreath

After the foam is dried, we need to cover the ugly spray foam.  For this wreath, because we are going to use some flocked stems, we opted to use spanish moss instead of green sheet most.

grapevine wreath with foam and spanish moss

Then we started adding stems.  For this wreath, we added one 39" Snowed Pine stem, two 18" Flocked Pine stems, two 21" Pine stems, one Cedar Spray, and one Lemon Leaf Spray.

To start placing in the greenery, we first decided that we wanted the greenery to follow the shape of the grapevine wreath.  So we started defining the shape with the first few large and longest pieces, and then filled in, allowing a "hole" in the center to allow a large bow.

Winter DIY Wreath

winter DIY wreath

Winter DIY Wreath

Winter DIY WreathWinter DIY Wreath

Then we add a fun blue and white bow in the center! You don't always have to use a bow in a wreath, but if you are, you should always keep in mind where you're going to put it so there is space!

DIY winter wreath

And then we were done!  Classic greenery stems are a great way to add a little life and brightness to the dreary days of winter! And who could NOT smile with that ribbon!

DIY Winter Wreath







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