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Winter Greens Wreath DIY

Tired of the snow and winter?  But have no idea what to put on the front door right now?  We have the answer, beautiful greenery stems!  Here's a great wreath that we made for the front door using stems that will get you to Spring no problem!

We're starting with a grapevine wreath, and adding Spray foam insulation! It will expand and create something we can push the greenery stems into!  After it dries, we'll cover it with green sheet moss.

Grapevine Wreath - DIY WINTER WREATH

Winter Wreath DIY - Spray foam



We suggest to start out creating the shape you want, and then fill in with other stems!  We're going to follow the shape of the wreath, and insert stems and shape them to follow the circular shape.  This is why you want to use good quality stems, we need stems that can hold the shape that you give them!  Good thick wire stems are key!

DIY Winter greenery wreath

DIY Winter greenery wreath

Notice we're leaving a space in the middle open.  We are going to continue to fill in with other greenery, and leave space for a bow!


We know at this point, it looks like it's slightly smooshed, but when we add the bow, it will fill in a big void, and then we'll fill in with other greenery stems.

DIY Winter Wreath

Then we filled in with some magnolia leaf to fill the spaces left!

DIY Winter Wreath

And voila! You have a beautiful winter wreath that will get you through the dreary season up until the Spring!

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  • Lorraine Banczak : August 08, 2020

    You sent me an email to critique snowy lambs ear. I loved it, so real, in fact I had guests ask if it was real. All the florals I buy from you are the same, high quality and realistic.
    I will add that the white sunflower is beyond beautiful.
    I had a hard time responding to your email so this is why I’m doing it this way.

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