A Quick Christmas Garland Refresh!

Have you decided that this is the year you're going to work on that sad garland you've been hanging on for years.  Has Covid-19 made you rethink everything in your home?  Well....we're here to get you a head start on the holidays!  Here's a quick refresher!

1. Start with a strong PVC garland.  We suggest you do unlit (don't worry, we'll add the lights later).  It may sound crazy to start with an unlit garland....but we're just trying to save you a nightmare with some of the lights go out.  This way, if the strand dies...you just rip the lights off, because they are on top and not under everything else. Next we add our Holy Trinity of Evergreen: Pine, Magnolia, and Cedar!

2.  Twist in the Long Needle Pine Garland.  Take your time and use the PVC "fingers" of the original garland to mix the pine garland in all of the way.  Take your time and fluff the garland as you go.

3.  Add in Cedar.  You can put in whole pieces, or cut the stems into 2 pieces.  I did a little of both to do this garland. 

4. Add in Magnolia Leaf.   Just twist the PVC around the magnolia leaves at the bases of the foliage.

5.  Add in berries and whatever else you want that adds color and sparkle.  We added red ilex berries and white hydrangeas!

6. Add lights!  Here we're using our LED Cluster Light strands.  Weave them in all through the garland.  As you go, take your time and make sure to untangle the pine pieces so that they are nice, lush, and straight.  This is always the step people don't want to take time to do.  We promise, this is where you can make it or break it.  Take your time, straighten and neaten the needles up.  Here we used a 19.5' Strand  of lights.

7. Add ribbon!  Show your personality or really jazz it up with an awesome combo!  And you're done!   Lush, dramatic and magical!    Covid isn't going to take our cheer away this year!

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