Faux Peonies: 5 Reasons Why they are Grandma Approved!

Peonies, oh dear peonies, they're like the divas of the floral world—demanding attention and admiration wherever they go. Speaking of which, I knew of a Grandmother who grew prize winning peonies, but refused to use them at her Family Sunday Dinners, because she didn't want them to take all the attention away from her pies, so she used faux ones. Great, now I want pie.  Well, while my stomach is growling, let's delve into the 5 top reasons why we love the captivating world of faux peonies and discover why they are the perfect addition to bring some JOY to your home.


Faux Peonies HouseFloral.com


Eternal Elegance

Picture this: a stunning bouquet of peonies gracing your dining table, radiating elegance and beauty...that will never die or change! Our beautiful faux peonies offer you the opportunity to savor the splendor of these beloved flowers indefinitely. Unlike their real counterparts, which wilt and wither within days, faux peonies maintain their pristine appearance year-round. Bid farewell to sad, droopy petals and embrace everlasting floral charm!


Faux Peony Stems HouseFloral.com



Zero Maintenance, Zero Judgment

Let's be real—keeping plants alive isn't everyone's strong suit. If you're a self-proclaimed black thumb (like me) or a busy bee with little time for plant care, our faux peonies are your new best friends. No watering, no pruning, no fertilizing, no worries! These low-maintenance wonders bring all the botanical beauty without the judgmental glances of neglected plants. Plus, they never shed petals, making them perfect for those with allergies (or clumsy friends who can't seem to avoid sneezing fits). Not to mention, there are NO ANTS! 


Versatility Redifined

Faux peonies aren't just confined to vases or tabletops; they're versatile decor superheroes! Wrap them around banisters, drape them over mirrors, or tuck them into wreaths—the possibilities are endless. With faux peonies, you have the freedom to unleash your inner floral artist and transform any space into a blooming paradise. Get creative, experiment, and let your imagination run wild!


Budget-Friendly Bliss

Real peonies, ah, they can cost a pretty penny. We did a wedding once where the bride had dreamed of lush peonies all around on her special dayThe problem, her wedding was in the heat of July, which meant we had to source them from half way around the world....which made them $30 a head! Fortunately, she had a budget that allowed for it. And It was beautiful, but at the end of the night the reals ones ended up in a trash bag.  And let's face it, not all of us are blessed with overflowing bank accounts. Our realistic faux peonies offer you the chance to bask in floral opulence without breaking the bank, and can be used again and again. We work really hard to provide a wide range of affordable options with faux florals, including peonies!  And that means prices that allow you to indulge your senses and pamper your home. Affordable luxury? Yes, please!


Faux Peonies HouseFloral.com


Grandma-Approved Glamour

Remember the grandmother friend with the show-stealing peonies? Well, even she has embraced the magic of faux blooms. Grandma knows best, after all! With their lifelike appearance and undeniable charm, faux peonies have won over the hearts of even the most traditional flower enthusiasts. So, follow in Grandma's footsteps and bring the grandeur of faux peonies into your home—no pie competition required.


Our faux peonies offer a delightful combination of beauty, convenience, and affordability.  Revel in their elegance, enjoy their zero-maintenance allure, and let your imagination soar with their versatile charm.  With our faux peony stems, you can relish the luxury of ever-blooming flowers without the hassle of real ones!  So don't wait!  Get ready to unlock the secret to everlasting floral bliss, and watch your home bloom with JOY!  Well, you do that, I'm going in search of pie.>



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