Jodie's Summer Basket Recipe

Hey Guys!  Our friend Jodie (@jodie.thedesigntwins) needed some help for a summer basket for her front door!  And of course....we were just the people to help her out!  If you would like to create her on your own! Here are the items you'll need and quantities. If you want to just order the basket as is, you can do that here.

Plus, we'll even share the how to video we created showing her how to do it! See that video here! :)

- 1 x Hanging Basket ( need help foaming up, check out our blog on that)
- 1 x Piece of Foam
- 1 x Piece of Moss
- 1 x Branches
- 2 x Fern Stems or Bundles
- 1 x Asparagus Fern
- 2 x Hydrangea
- 1 x Cabbage Rose
- 1 x Cabbage Rose
- 1 x Fat Acuba Bush (we only use a little)
- 1 Bow of your choice


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