How to Celebrate Spring with Branches

When it comes to Spring, flowers often get all of the love!  But we think that branches are just as lovely! So we're going to show how we use three of our favorites! 

First we 're going to use our Dogwood branch with 2 long neck vases.  We're going to add two branches to the vase on the outside of the fireplace, and one on the inside vase!  We're bending the stems to open them up and take up as much as space as possible!

This was a great way to add just a little color to this neutral room!  The dogwood branches are so beautiful! You can't go wrong....and can we talk about the fact they are $3.95 a stem?  We have them in both white and blush! And again, in these containers, we only used 2 in one vase, and 1 in the other!


If you want a bigger impact, here are the same dogwood branches massed out in our Lg Brass Ring Vase.  In this container we only used 6 stems!


Our next Spring branch we're going to explore is the forsythia branch! It's such a beautiful and stunning burst of color, and even though this room is gray and neutral, it's perfect for Spring!  This container is shown with 7 stems of forsythia!  What a great pop of color! Remember how we've discussed in the past the importance of bending and manipulating your floral stems to make them more realistic?  Remember, nothing grows complete straight in nature, and one of the reasons why you invest in better faux silks is because they are better wired and you have more control! So don't waste your money!  We also thought we would give you a visual of what the same stems and vase look like unfluffed.

Not as dramatic, huh?  Take your time to bend and fluff them, and you won't regret it!  If you would like a little more texture with the forsythia, white hydrangeas look gorgeous mounded with them! Take a look at this!


Our last stem we want to show you is our budding branch.  It's our absolute "go to branch" anytime we want to add texture, height, and a little bit of color, without making it too dense. 

You can see, that by adding three budding branch stems, you can create lots of texture!  Now you see what it's our go to? We use these branches 12 months out of the year! So if you're looking for something that you could put up in spring and last through the end of Summer, this is your answer!  Throw some White pumpkins up there for fall with it, and at Christmas, just add some long needle pine or magnolia! It's that's simple!

And again, remember how we said that it's imporant to fluff your stems?  These are the same three branches, before we fluffed them!

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