How to Monochromatic Peony Arrangement

One of our favorite flowers during spring time is the peony! We know we aren't alone in that! It's just so magical, sweet, and wonderful!  So we thought we would give you a little inspiration by showing you how to create a beautiful monochromatic peony arrangement!

To do this arrangement you will need

  • a container
  • brick of dry floral foam
  • a knife
  • a pair of wire cutters
  • Floral Stems : We used the following (You can shop all of the stems at the bottom of this blog) 1 coleus, 2 hydrangea, 1 mini bud peony stem, 1 open peony stem, 1 peony bud stem, 2 ranunculus stem)


    Step 1: Cut your foam to a size that will fit into your container.  For this arrangement, we don't want it permanent, so we don't need a huge piece.  In this case, we're just going to put the foam in the container, but you can glue it in if you want it more permanent.

    Step 2: We're going to do an asymmetrical arrangement, so we're going to stick the Pink Coleus in the back right hand corner of the arrangement, spilling towards the back right corner.  We cut a little bit off the stem to make it fit.  For all of the following floral stems, you cut the length needed off of the stem to fit in the container and to make the size of arrangement you want.

    Step 3: Add both hydrangeas to fill in front right and left.

    Step 4: Add the mini peony bud stem.  Since it's tall like the coleus, we will place in front of the coleus near the back, also arching back to the corner.

    Step 5: Add the open peony stem in the front.  This will be the star of the arrangement!

    Step 6: Add the large peony bud.  I like to nestle bud and open blooms together!

    Step 7: Add the white ranunculus in the front near the large peony buds.  I think these tight white beauties deserve a place in the front as well! In this arrangment, I placed on on both sides of the large open peony.

    And there you have it! A beautiful spring time arrangement that took less than 5 minutes to make!

    Now if you're saying....I can't do that!  YES YOU CAN! We always say that as long as you have the right mix of textures, the flowers do 90 percent of the work!  And these textures are just beautiful together!  Here are a few more shots of the arrangement, all of the way around.

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    • I have always wanted to know how to make a live floral arrangement as oppose to silk. Thank you for sharing at the Friday Friends Parade LP!

      Darlene on

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