How To: Make a HUGE Hydrange Statement in the Kitchen


When we ask people what their favorite flowers are, hydrangeas are one of the most common answers given! They are DEFINITELY one of our favorites! They are so versatile, and can be used in so many ways in arrangements.  But one of our favorite ways to use them, is just in mass! Today, we're going to show you how to make a HUGE hydrangea statement in the kitchen.  As we often say, go big or go home, BUT you don't have to do something this big in your home! A smaller container or bowl would also be wonderful mounded with hydrangeas!


For this project you will need:

  1. Some kind of container. We are using a large white ginger jar without the lid.
  2. Faux Hydrangeas of your choice. We're using both our green and white cone hydrangeas.
  3. Wire Cutter
  4. Floral Strapping Tape

When you make a a faux flower arrangement, there are multiple ways to put the stems in the container.  In this situation, we're going to use floral strapping tape to create a grid at the top of the container! This will help hold flowers in the place.  For smaller flowers, you can do a tighter grid, but since we are using larger floral stems, we will do a slightly larger grid.  For hydrangeas or larger stems we suggest to keep the grid no bigger than 2"x2", this will keep the hydrangeas stems tight! If your stems are to long for your container, use your wire cutters to cut the stems short enough to where the hydrangea heads are just past the mouth of the vase.

TIP: Our container was deeper than the stems of our hydrangeas, so before placed the tape on the top, we shoved a paper shopping bag in the bottom of the container to raise the bottom.  You could use anything you have to do the same idea.

We're using green tape so you can see it in our blog, but they also make clear tape, which would work as well!

After you've established your grid, we start by creating the overall shape that we want!  So we establish how far to the sides we want to go, how far up we want to go, and how low we want to go.

Now that we have the overall shape of what we want, we just fill in all of the way around.  We are using both white and green cone hydrangeas.  Using this slight color variation, it helps make the arrangement even more realistic, because it looks like we've cut hydrangeas at different growth cycles from outside!

We ended up using 20 stems of hydrangeas, but our container was massive and needed the scale. If you use a smaller container, you will need fewer hydrangeas!

TIP: You can use fewer stems by keeping the hydrangea heads closer to the mouth of the vase.  This will make it tighter, but also not as tall.  HOWEVER, remember the saying "measure twice, cut once," well the same goes for the flowers.  Once you cut the flowers, you can't uncut them.  But, if you do cut them a little short, you can use more filler in the bottom to raise up the bottom.

And there you have it! How beautiful are these cone hydrangeas in our ginger jar? The best part is that these hydrangeas can go out now, and stay all of the way until Fall!  That's our kind of flower arrangement!


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