Fluff or Flop...Magnolia Leaf!

One of our most popular items that we carry is our 14" Magnolia Leaf Picks! They are so beautiful and realistic looking, and can be used year round!  And boy do we (and y'all) use them a lot! 

But as with everything, you don't get something for nothing...and you gotta put a little effort into them to make them the prettiest they can be!  Especially if they've never been used or shaped before!  And coming out of a box after being shipped...they need a little love! :)  So just take a few seconds and "fluff" (or shape) them!  The leaves are wired so you can manipulate and shape them however you wish!  Check it out here!  See... it takes less than 20 seconds to make a difference of night and day! :)

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