6 Ways To Start Adding A Hint Of Spring To Your Home

Are you itching with Spring Fever?  I mean, who isn't at this moment?!  The idea of seeing another snowflake makes me want to curl up into a ball and scream a little.  And this is nothing new, at least for me (am I alone in this?).  Mentally, I'm ready for Spring outside, but I know Mother Nature may have some more cruel jokes up her sleeve in the coming weeks!  And the house still feels empty after the Holiday decorations were taken down, but I want to add some life to the house without going full blown BUNNIES EVERYWHERE...at least not yet (where my bunny people at?)!  Spring can be the easiest and hardest season to decorate for at the same time in my opinion!  You want to nod at what's coming, but not look like Easter on Feb 1!  That's why we wanted to show you six ways to start adding a hint of spring to your home!

1: Candle Rings!


 Candle Rings are a great way to add a little green and life to a space without making it feel too seasonal!  Better yet, candle rings like our Variegated Boxwood Candle Rings seen here are great to put up now, and they will last through Summer!  These are a store favorite every year because of their flexibility in different spaces! You can add to chandeliers, candle rings, sconces....etc!  And BAM! instant charm and character without having to work really hard! And we're all for that!  Did we mention we have these in both Taper Candle Size and Pillar size?



2: Faux Florals: Take your Cue from Mother Nature! 

We all know the flowers or blooms that come out of the ground FIRST!  If you add a moment or 2 of those around your house in faux form, you can give yourself a little moment of cheer and HOPE without making the house feel like the Easter Bunny had his coming out party in your house!  The key point here is to keep it simple, and just do a few of a single kind of stem, so it looks like you cut them from the yard or picked them up from the farmer's market!  This cluster of pink hyacinths is just enough color in this sunroom to give the reminder of what's to come!



3: Faux Eggs! 


Now...we're not talking about the Easter Egg Hunt scene from Steel Magnolias....we're just talking about a few eggs!  A special little tuck of some here or there ...gives us just a little hint of the season coming down the line!  These blue eggs thrown around this candle is the perfect sweet hint of the season coming!  And in case you were wondering, I used 2 bags of eggs here!



4: Nests!


Again...we're not talking about filling the house to the brim with nests! But a little cloche filled with them as seen here is the perfect little Pre-Season Moment!!! 


5: Moss Balls


If using Moss Balls were a religion...we would be a preacher!  They are a great way to add color to any space without adding "flowers".  They are also more organic and architectural! So, in a space that you may already have an arrangement in, they are great to fill a bowl with!  You can't go wrong with them, any time, any season, or any place!



6: Budding Blossoms!


As you could imagine, we love a flowering branch!  But if you aren't ready for the blossoms yet, our green budding branch is a great way to hold you over!  It feels like new growth...and any new growth that is not in my waistline right now...I'll take!  Designer tip: Use our Chicken wire net to help hold the stems into place without using foam! (Check it out here)

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