One of my personal (and professional) favorite ways to decorate for Spring with faux stems is to grab a mass of a single kind flowering branch and fill a vessel with them!  It looks like I went out and cut them from the bush or tree, and just plopped them right in!  In case you didn't know, we're all self proclaimed lazy designers here.  We just believe that you don't have to work really hard to look really good sometimes, and anytime we can do it easily....we'll take that as a win!   However....as easy as this is to be a win, it's also an easy to FLOP if you forget 1 simple step....  And that's what we want to chat about today!

When you purchase floral stems and get them home, regardless of whether you walked into our store to purchase them or you ordered online, chances are, they are in the same shape as they came out of the box we opened them.  And for some flower stems, that's not a problem.  BUT PARTICULARLY, when it comes to all branches like quince, cherry blossom, forsythia, budding blossom, and etc...they are straight have no interest in them because they had to go into a box to pack straight.  And the important thing is to remember that branches don't grow straight on trees or bushes, there are always bends and turns!  And we want to mimic that with the faux branch! So we shape the stems with bends and turns.  In the floral business, we call it "fluffing" the stem!

If you're buying good quality stems, and if they are from us...THEY ARE.  The stems have a wire center which means on most of the branches you can fluff (or manipulate) them into a more interesting shape!  And don't be shy..shape it up!  Just by adding a couple of bends....you instantly bring the branch to life! 

Here's a before and after example.......

Unfluffed or manipulated stems cause the arrangement to look stiff and unrealstic.  Spring decorating faux flowers
Fluffed and manipulated quince stems faux flower decorating tips how to

Isn't that night and day when you compare the 2 pics?  Even further, there are the same number of stems in pictures...the second picture just shows stems that have been fluffed. 

Maya Angelou said "Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better." I try to do that in all realms of my life!  And while this "knowledge" we wanted to share today isn't life altering or soul guiding...it will make you happier with your end product...which hopefully will bring you more JOY...of which you will share that with the world!  So maybe it is life altering! lol Look at us doing God's work! :)


Faux quince stem arrangement for Spring decor decoratingFaux quince stems fluffed for spring decor floral arrangement

Faux quince stems fluffed for spring decor floral arrangement

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  • Thank you for the tip on fluffing. It appears to make a lovely bouquet. Can’t wait to get my order and begin fluffing.

    vicky on
  • Thank you for sharing Maya Angelou’s quote. It is a reminder that perfection cannot be achieved every time. So when it does be GRATEFU:L.

    Christine Personett on

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