Clean Hands and a Clean Conscience

So every buyers’ dream at market is to find something that is truly incredible and something they’ve never seen before to offer their loyal following. Well guys…this year at market we hit the jackpot several times! Probably our most favorite thing we found was FURTHER Soap and Lotion.

Not only is it an incredible value, but it looks incredible, smells incredible, and has an incredible story! A triple threat of the giftware industry if you will!

The birth of these incredible items came from when Marshall and Megan (Pasadena, CA) decided to change their driving habits! Marshall decided to convert his car to run on used vegetable oil from surrounding restaurants. Over time he had acquired quite a bit of glycerin (its the byproduct of using this oil). His wife being somewhat of a “crafty cathy”, knew that they could take this left over glycerin and create soap. When they added the perfect combination of scents, they got BINGO! It’s incredible!

Here’s what the back side of the labels says:
This product is derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil, refined and artfully converted into exceptional hand soap for clean hands and a clean conscience.
Our biofuel distillation process drives our vehicles, and the pure glycerin byproduct drives FURTHER. Essential oils of bergamot, olive and grasses are combined to create a products that is at once fresh, sustainable, and pleasingly aromatic. We hope you enjoy using FURTHER as much as we enjoy making it. Wash Responsibly.
We have FURTHER Soap, Lotion, and Candles. Make sure you see them on your next visit! I know what I’m getting myself for my birthday! Now I can wash responsibly! I wonder if I can use it wash out my mouth?

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