Smell My Finger!

You know those moments where someone walks in on a conversation and hears or sees something that out of context makes absolutely no sense or is obsene? Well that happened to me the other day in the store.

You see….I had just washed my hands with one of our new soaps that we just got in store . Upon exiting the restroom, I started a conversation with someone about how wonderful this soap smelled! Right about the time of I said “here, smell my finger”…..another customer came around the corner. Ironically she was the embarrased one, not me, lol.

The soaps just smell so good! I have to admit that I think we hit the jackpot with great gift soaps! We just got in some hand made soaps from Moss Hill (pictured above). These soaps are made in Louisville, and we’re the only place to get them in Lexington! We are featuring the Bourbon scented items right now! Now don’t let the name fool you. You won’t smell like Johnny or Maker’s if you touch it! It also smells NOTHING like the bourbon candle we carry. It’s something in it’s own right, just incredible! You must smell it on your next visit.

It has this clean musk scent that is just divine. Before we actually thought about carrying it, Stuart had picked up a bar of it in Louisville, and we had it in the bathroom here at the store. Everyone who used it wanted to purchase it. Well, “mama didn’t raise no fool” and the rest is history!

The next time you visit, you simply must smell it! An incredible Kentucky made product for a perfect gift! We currently have bars of soap, lotion, linen spray, and candle tins!

And please remember, if I happen to ask you to smell my finger the next time your in…..I’m not being crude!

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