Old’s the New Again

With our recent trip to market I couldn’t help but be caught by this combination of “updated traditionalism fabulousness”! Now that’s a mouth full! Seen here in this vignette is a company called Global Views, and to be honest with you, this company hands down gets it 100% right every year! Although, you won’t find a single piece in our store. The true problem is price point, those incredible lamps (which were OMG huge) would have had to retail at over $1000. I love them, but not that that much. But it is without a doubt the coolest place to go to get inspired and to dream. This is one of the places where we go to drool!

But as with anything in the market, in 6 months, you’ll see cheaper alternatives to these out there, and that’s just fine with us! I mean, I understand that quality comes with a price tag, but there’s a huge window of options out there in quality, and these are the top line Mercedes, when I would like the Honda, lol.

I can’t help but love this setting. There’s not a thing in this vignette that isn’t updated. Now this is a little more formal than my taste, but it is fabu! I love the oversized scale to everything. The buffet came up almost to my chest (I’m 6’3) so you can only imagine the size of the lamps! What I also love is the nod between the buffet and the mirror, don’t miss the silver ring showing up in both. The mirror reminds me of a pocket watch. TO DIE FOR.

I wanted to show this because I thought that it was a great example of taking old and redefining it to be new. There are still details of it that make it timeless and classic, but then the lines and finishes update it. While you may not be able to use all of this in your home. Be open to updating certain items. For when you mix these new with true old traditional pieces, it creates a whole new story.

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