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Traditional Home Sept ’12

Now….If I’m only speaking for myself, forgive me please. But it’s almost like Christmas when I get home and in the mail there’s a magazine that I just love to HAVE go through immediately!  Well yesterday, I got in my Traditional Home, and quickly glanced through it only to find mirror that we carry in there not once, but TWICE!

I knew immediately we must share with you all! In all honesty, this was one of our favorite mirrors that we’ve carried over time! It’s a great classic shape, with a super sexy thin bronze metal frame that goes around the silhouette of the mirror.  SOOOOOO divine!  Having it in 2 different houses featured in the same issue is even more reason for us to love it!

What even makes it better is that the two rooms are different in styles, but show how a great piece can be introduced into multiple style rooms, and fit in regardless! See it here in a more subtle traditional room.  I simply love it between the windows! MMM…….  Oh…did I mention we have those mercury glass containers on the demilune table as well?


In this next image, you’ll see how the same mirror was utilized in a different house with a different look! I love the bright color of the headboard, and the punch of the pillows!  But most of all, I love the mirror sitting on the nightstand! Paired with that marble lamp I could just scream it’s so good!


When I went online to find the images for this blog, I have to say that I wasn’t surprised to find yet another item that we have in the store featured in one of the homes.  After all..we do have great taste   This starburst mirror has also been a favorite of ours! Although midcentury modern, it’s almost like a chameleon that fits into many styles of rooms, and adds a “collected” flavor to the room just by adding it!


Seeing these mirrors in Traditional Home, brought up an interesting question we wanted to ask.  So please answer here so we can get a better idea how to make you happy!

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