Glass boxes!

adore a cloche!

So unless you’ve been under a rock for sometime, it’s no secret that we LOVE glass cloches.  Well truthfully, we love any cloche when it comes right down to it! Chicken wire, grapevine, etc we love them all! Dwayne has always called them a little “mini curio cabinet”.  At first I thought he was crazy when he called them that, but it’s the gospel!  There are like like magic wands, that instantly make whatever is placed inside of them become more important!  In the image to the left, the cloche instantly makes the little nest seem like it’s super special!  Like it’s under lock and key.  I thought my love for the cloche would never fail, and truthfully it hasn’t, it just happens to have a cousin that I really love as well.  Guys, please meet the “glass box” (or as some people called them “document box”).  Many people have used them to showcase sand and shells from the beach, but you can literally use them for anything!

We just received in several styles into the store, and I could slap someone I love them so much!  Literally!

Here’s a great example of how I utilized one in the store with a feather that I found out on the street!  Literally on the street!

it doesn’t get any better than this!

I worked on a home a couple of years ago where the husband had passed, and the wife casually said in passing that every time she found a feather, she thought it was from her husband’s angel wings.  While I was with her at her house one day, she happened to find a feather at her front door and took it in.  Quietly, I grabbed it, and knew that I would use it in her room in one of these glass boxes.  Needless to say upon the room reveal, this was one of her favorite moments in the house, it really was an intimate detail!  See we listen….sometimes!

Please don’t feel limited on just stuffing them with feathers! Think of them as little shadow boxes where you can put great collections of a couple of items!  Here are a couple of great examples!

use for collections of items!

adore…simple as that

I love the addition of the fabric bottoms seen in these boxes! Truly customizable to any decor, look, or collection!  I have a glass document box in my home that holds a French love letter written during the French Revolution.  I’ve never been able to read all of the letter because of the complicated writing style, and my French is a little rusty, however I figure if the letter has made it this long, it must say something special, and needed a special home.  Personally, I feel I gave it just that!

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