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We are continuing to ship out same day, or next business day.  However SOME customers are experiencing delays (some small...some large) in shipments with USPS, FedEx, and UPS once they leave our facility.  And it completely appears to happen to random orders.  There's no rhyme or reason.  Please know that we are doing everything in our power to get your order out quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately once it leaves our hands, we lose all of the control.  Our goal is to make it a smooth and wonderful experience, and we will always work towards that goal!

FOOD for FLOWERS event!

UPDATE: RSVP’s for BOTH CLASSES are now full!  Don’t worry, we’ll do this again in the near future!

Tuesday August 21, 2012!!!

Don’t miss our ‘floral potluck”! Bring a dish of food for all to eat, and we’ll show you how to make that floral arrangement you’ve always dreamed of making!!!!  At the end of the night, you just pay for what flowers, and supplies you used.  Feel free to bring your own container, but we also have many containers (very inexpensive) in the store for you to use as well!  Don’t worry about what kind of food you bring…we’re not that picky! Fingerfoods would be good!

We will have 2 groups of ten going.  The first group will start at 530, and the second group will start at 630.  It should take less than 1 hour for you to complete the floral!  Please feel free to come a little early.

Fill out the form below to get your RSVP.  Please mark which group you would prefer, and we will CALL you soon after receiving your RSVP to confirm AND to let you know which group you’ve ended up in!  We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please understand that there are only 3 of us, and a lot more of you all!




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