Benefits of Using Faux Stems In A Wedding

There was a time that using faux stems for wedding flowers would have been considered tacky. Of course there was also a time when 1980's frizzy and dried-out rocker hair was considered the sexiest hair on a man...and thank God we've moved on from that. (I just don't have the jawline for that much hair.) One of the main reasons why faux flowers weren't used in weddings back then, was because the quality just wasn't what it needed to be. But all of that has changed, we're not dealing with the faux flower stems of the 1980's just like we aren't dealing with that hair! Today we have incredibly realistic stems, and that's why they are quickly becoming an option for many weddings!

Artificial Flowers for Weddings

If you are considering using faux, or know someone who is, here are a few additional benefits to using faux stems in your wedding or special event.

-You can use artificial flowers that don't cut well in fresh, Faux Magnolia blossoms for example (they start dying immediately when cut), and Lambs Ear/Dusty Miller is notorious and drying out and becoming limp.

-Allergy-free! No one needs to be popping Claritin like they are TicTacs if they are highly allergic to some flowers.

-You can get them as you go. Buying a little here and there spreads out the cost over time, and that is a pro for many of us with tight budgets!

-You don't have to worry about flowers coming in on time for the date looking healthy.

-You won't have a surprise of dead, mold-covered roses in a bunch, we've had it happen many times.

-You can reuse the flowers in your home, donate them to keep at a nursing home, etc. They are not an one-off use. You can reuse them as you see fit.

-The prices of faux flowers don't fluctuate like fresh depending on the season, time, and demand.

-You're not tied to a vase with water for most of the day. Fresh flower bouquets need to stay in water as much as possible to ensure that it looks the best for the whole day.

-It's not always the case, but overall, faux stems seem to be a little less expensive.

-Faux flowers are more durable! Are you like a bull in a China shop and know it? You can't rip faux apart as easily as fresh. We've seen brides sit on bouquets and destroy them or forget them on a table....ending in a disaster.

-You can do your arrangements ahead of time and not have the stress of having fresh arrangements made by a certain time or timeline.

-Creativity with creating a big design feature can be more loose and free! You're not having to worry about how to make sure all of the stems are getting water.

-You can mix and match with ease ahead of time causing less stress!

-With good quality faux stems, you can shape the stems to do exactly what you want!

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