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6' Faux Long Needle Pine Garland



Tired of your old boring PVC Christmas Garland and want something more dramatic and lush? Well, our Long Needle Pine garland is the answer! You can use it alone or mix this in with your current garland to make it lush and fabulous.  For an example of the difference it makes when you mix it into a garland see the third image!  Then just add ribbon to finish it off!  


Also, check out our Jeremy showing how to mix the long needle pine garland into your boring PVC garland with magnolia, and cedar to make a lush garland that will impress everyone!


For the garland video below we suggest the following for every 9' PVC Garland Length:

1.5 x 6' Long Needle Pine Garland

5 x Magnolia Leaf Stems

5 x Cedar Stems



 This item is also available in our physical store front.