29" Faux Moss Twig Branch Stem

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If you're looking for a really organic feeling texture to add to an arrangement, our Faux Moss Branch is the perfect solution!  The synthetic moss allows for the color to not fade, and you don't have to worry about growing real moss or mold from it! A new stem for us, and it's very popular! 

Due to how this product is made, there is certainly going to be some faux moss pieces fall off in transit, but this is planned for and over sprayed and coated with so each piece will arrive still perfect for you to use.


- Total Length of Stem from Top to Bottom: 29"
- Splits 8" from the bottom of stem
- Number of branches stem splits into:  3
- Number of leaves: 0
1 Stem seen in primary photo.
- Sold by the stem
- Is the item considered “real touch”? Yes
- Can item be cut: Yes and Maybe, part of this stem is really thick and would need a bolt cutter to be cut.  Other parts would be cut through easily with a good pair of craft wire cutters.
- Suitable for Outside Use: 99% of our items are ok to be used outside!  With that said, covered from the elements is always a must! And the sun will cause the items to fade over time just like anything else!  If you have any questions specifically about this item, don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll tell you what we know.

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For Silk Stems:

  • Spray with Canned Air
  • Gently wipe with soap and water on a rag.

For Real Touch Stems:

  • Spray with Canned Air
  • Gently wipe with a barely damp microfiber cloth, or use an unscented baby wipe.


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