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Long Needle Pine Spray

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If you're looking for an incredibly realistic long pine spray, this is the answer to your prayers! It's a miracle worker for floral arrangements, tree decorating, and swag making!  This instantly fluffs up whatever boring item you start with!  Texture and Softness should be it's middle name! 

We've seen our 30" stem on another site for double of our price! Swipe right to see!

A full proof part of the Holy Trinity of Everygreen! (Long Needle Pine, Magnolia Leaf, and Cedar).  You will love this!  And it comes in 30" and 21" Lengths.

To see an example of an extra transformation, check out this image where we used this along with some other spray to take this boring PVC tree and make it something amazing and lush!



or watch this video we made for a quick before and after!

Tree Before and After from jeremy rice on Vimeo.

  • For a 7.5' Medium Width Tree, we would recommend 15.
  • For a 9' Medium Width Tree, we would recommend 25
  • For a 24" Wreath, we would recommend 6
  • For a 36" Wreath, we would recommend 8