What I love about Fall!

Now that it seem the temperatures have finally started to lower and become the Fall that so many of us love, I can’t help but think about all of the things that I love about Fall!
The crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly nights! Bowls of chilli! FOOTBALL! The turning of the leaves! And maybe…just maybe that the hint of Christmas is right around the corner! (I know it’s still early, but I had to mention it!)
In the last few weeks we’ve been working on many Fall parties, and have created a number of different takes on Fall. For me, Fall isn’t just about sunflowers, and pumpkins (although I’ll never pass on a piece of pumpkin pie….don’t judge!) , however the season is more about the colors and textures.
Our lovely friends at Heaven Hill asked us to do a couple of Fall floral arrangement to sit out at an WEG event at Keeneland. So what was I to use?
We first off, I found the incredible orange coxcomb seen in the arrangement, it was without a doubt what set the color direction for the rest, and who can pass on the fun texture that it provides! Taking the lead from the coxcomb, I had the color direction, but needed the right textures to add. The large bourbon stained fugi poms (the flowers that are kind of like star bursts) were a great texture against the coxcomb, plus they gave me the option of them being the “star players” in the arrangements. The unusual color and flower shape were ideal!
What to add next?! Well, I LOVE hydrangeas…..or maybe I should say I LUUUUUURRRRVVV hydrangeas (I have about lost my religion with mine at my home, because they bloomed like twice this summer!) The mini-greens hydrangeas were a perfect pop of color in this monochromatic orange/bourbon/green combination!
The final pieces to finish the combination were hypericum berry, decorative cabbage, and a surprise addition by a pomegranate. Notice the color of the hypericum. Often you find it in either a red/burgundy, apple green, or white color…. Well this morning I hit the jackpot….with this creamcicle hinted hypericum! THE PERFECT filler!
As for the cabbage, I use cabbage a lot in the fall, they are such a statement piece! And the pomegranate…it was a beautiful green pomegrated with hints of orange and burnt umber. NOW, just between you and me, it was artifitial….that’s right….fake! But this morning while at the store, everyone who has saw it and touched it have asked where in the world have I gotten this beautiful fruit! I never shared the information around it! It just proves that in some circumstances, you can add artificial pieces with fresh to make a look!
So for me today, this was fall. A monochromatic look at the season through a different eye! Now…if I could just find a piece of pumpkin pie!

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