We gotta make some space, so X marks the spot for 30% discounts!

redXIt’s hard to believe that half of the year is already gone, and that means we have to really start planning on things we have up our sleeves for the holidays. We’re not trying to rush the holidays, BUT WHEN YOU HAVE AS MUCH CHRISTMAS COMING AS WE DO, you better be prepared! And one of the things we have to do, is clear out some space for all of the incredible items coming our way….so that means SALE!

Find an item with a red and white X tag stapled to the price tag, and that means the item is 30% OFF! None of this stuff is bad, because we don’t do ugly We just need it to move off of the floor!

ALSO…find a red and white X tag during the Christmas in July event, that item is 30% OFF, and then the additional 20% OFF Christmas in July is also applied….that’s right, we’ve never done anything like this before!

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