The Little Black Box….of FRAGRANCE

BlackBoxFanDiffuser1[1]We are so excited about this new product from Votivo!  Now you can get fragrance in your room without burning a candle, or flipping a reed diffuser!  Votivo’s Black Box is an answer to many people’s prayer who can’t burn candles at home because of pets, or at work

Here’s how Votivo describes it:

Votivo fuses speed, efficiency and ease of use to deliver instant fragrance gratification.  After inserting a Votivo Aromatic Fragrance Pod at the base of the diffuser, a simple press of a button will deliver immediate fragrance into your living space.  The difusser will continue to release fragrance for 20 minutes.  For more fragrance, simply press the button.

The box comes with batteries, AS WELL as a USB power cord that can plug into your computer or outlet!  Votivo has released their top scents in the pods, and are planning on adding more soon!

Here’s how it works!

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