Thank you Jesus, our scented candles are back in stock!


eclipse scent…..classic and fab!

For weeks now we’ve been waiting to get all of our great scented candles back in stock, and TODAY it finally happened.  We have all four classic scents back instock; Eclipse (our signature scent), Fire, Tea Blossom (Our spring scent which we brought back in because people were asking for it for Christmas gifts), and Orange Clove (our Christmas scent- to DIE FOR).

We WILL NOT be able to get these back in before Christmas, so DO NOT WAIT!!! Get into the store and get what you want now, because what we have is all we will have until after Christmas/next year!

REALLY…don’t wait…because they are RUNNING not walking out the door!


fire – smells of citrus and wonderfulness!


orange clove – the best christmas candle you can give


tea blossoms – back for Christmas Only!!!!!

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