Some place to hang your coat!


As with many things in life, it’s hard to settle from time to time for just function over aesthetic! Why can’t something be functional and pretty!??

One such place of trouble for some of my clients in the past, is that there really hasn’t been a place to hang someone’s jacket.  This is due to one of two issues.  One: there really isn’t a closet to hang jackets in.  Or Two: there is a closet, but it’s crammed full of so much junk, they are embarrassed to open it up to use! I won’t point my fingers, but you know who you are

The solution to this is obviously a coat hook or rack of some kind. But for years, we’ve accepted the idea that we must be stuck with something like this to the above, or even worse, just a hook.  But the day has come where we should realize that there are many more options out there!  For example, here’s a few hooks that we just received in the store!

how sexy!!

I realy love this silver mounted horn hanger! It’s sexy, and functional at the same time! The perfect addition to any bachelor pad!  Or a lady’s chic retreat!  In my opinion you can never go wrong with horn!

cast iron!

Another horn option is this cast iron mounted horn that basically screams to be used!  How cute would this be in a little boys room! Or maybe in a Man Cave!  Let’s face it, horns and men go hand in hand!

branches to climb!

If horn isn’t your cup of tea, everyone loves a great tree branch! And these cast iron branch coat hooks will weather any storm!

Don’t give up on style because of function! They can go hand in hand!  So…in the end, if you don’t have a closet, hopefully we’ve inspired you in a place where many forget inspiration can lay!  If you do have a closet….. hopefully we’ve inspired you to get off of the couch and clean it out…. and then buy a stylish hook

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