Raise the roof!

don’t lower the room! raise the roof!

It feels fitting that right now during the Olympics we understand inches or even centimeters change people’s fates in the Games!  But what if we told you that inches can totally make your room feel SOOO much larger and open!  What is a matter of inches and can do so much difference?  How high and wide you hang your window treatments!  It’s sooo true, and is one of the common mistakes we see when we go in many homes!

There are many different answers on “how high” is high enough.   We suggest to take them as high as possible, and to hang the rods right under the moulding on the wall (if you have moulding).  If you don’t have moulding, take the rod down about an inch to allow space for moving, and hang from there!  We also suggest to take the rod out side of the window 12″-16″ on each side (or even larger depending on the size of the window), allowing for the curtain to fill outside space creating the illusion that the window is wider.

In the image above, you see what we see very commonly! People buy the short size drapes (because they’re the cheapest), and then have no option of how high to hang drapes, or even WORSE…hang them high with a gap to the floor!!  If the longer drapes were purchased, you would have more flexibility, and have the ability to hem the bottom of the drapes to the right size!  Don’t let the issue of not having sewing skills limit you! Why do you think they make iron on hemming tape, or even glue!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a great example of how by hanging your drapes higher and wider you make the window AND the room seem larger!

courtesy of honeyandfitz

There is even ceiling mounted hardward to hang the window treatments as high as possible! Doesn’t this look great!?

to the ceiling!

The next time you’re redoing a room, take a look at your window treatment height and see how much bigger you can make the room feel! We promise, the small investment more in buying larger drapes has a much HIGHER return!

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