Pictures from our soon to be NEW HOME! 250 Walton Ave


30' Ceilings!!

Here’s a gander from inside the new store!  Obviously there’s lots of work to get done! 30′ Ceilings! New lights have to be put in…the walls have to painted…Fans have to be installed, thank God WE don’t have to do that!


looking toward the front!

Here’s turned around looking toward the front!  There’s a window above the door that is covered with something right now, and we’re replacing the garage door with a GLASS GARAGE DOOR! It looks dark in this  picture, but it lets in SOOOO much natural light!   Plus we’ll be able to pull it up when it’s nice outside and you can come right in the door!


shot of some of the park spots! 31 total!

Here’s some of our parking!  Lots of spaces!  Plus you can see Ferguson across the street! And in the cream building to the right, there’s going to be a new restaurant opening soon! YUM!


More Parking...and they're trying to pick paint colors!

More parking! There’s going to paint the entire place as well! Hopefully with none of the colors seen in the picture!


Here's our entrance! Before the Glass Garage Door!

Here’s our entrance!  We believe the 250 is going, and the numbers will go somewhere else.  Our sign will go above the transom window above our soon to be glass garage door!!! We’re so excited!!!! Can’t wait for May 8th to get here!

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