Our Newest Addition to the Family!

Our house family just got a little bigger!

Let us introduce you to our four newest members of the family! 4 totally adorable  and sweet finches!  While we were at market in January, we all fell in love with this gigantic birdcage and had to get it, BEFORE WE HAD EVEN TALKED ABOUT GETTING BIRDS!  LOL what can we say, sometimes we’re a little “in the moment” . 

After getting back, we went on a mission to find some sweet birds, and we found them!  You can see them in this picture standing on eachother!  That’s right, their like cheerleaders, one standing on others shoulder! They love to cuddle! And believe it or not, all four of them are hidden in that mound of feathers somewhere!


BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We don’t know what to name them!  SO….we thought we would ask your help!  We’re having a naming contest!  Through March 17 (the last day of the Spring Open House) we will be taking submissions for their names (IN STORE ONLY), the winner will receive a special gift from us!  So don’t wait, stop by and meet them, and enter your names!

Here they are flying around in their cage in the store!




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