OOPS! Scratch and Dent Sale

scratch and dent sale!

scratch and dent sale!

April 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat)

As much space as we have in our Walton Ave location, we still need every square foot! So not to waste any room, we have some items that we need to get rid of!

We have things that came in a little wonky. Things that Stuart knocked over and dented. Maybe a few things that Dwayne lost his mind when he ordered. And well… lets not even talk about what Jeremy accidentally damaged! OH! and there are some things we just need to get rid of, because they’ve been around a little too long!

So to get rid of it, we’re having a “Scratch and Dent” sale on SELECT items in the store. Most are onesies or twosies, so when they are gone, they’re gone!

Think of it like you’re visiting HomeGoods, but you don’t have to fight with someone over a candlestick. Well on second thought, you just might. Some of y’all are crazy!

PLEASE NOTE: Not all items in the store are on sale!

Things that are on sale will not be brought out until that Friday! So plan accordingly!

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