New Favs from Market 2012

Now…if we can only be patient enough to get this great stuff in!

2012 is looking like its going to be a great one with all of the great stuff we’ve found for this year! Truthfully on this last trip to market, we were shopping for this coming Fall and Christmas, as well as home accessories for now! Spring was actually ordered last July! We know it’s a jumping the gun a little, but we thought we would share some great things we have coming for later on in the year!


Beautiful velvet pumpkins!


chicken wire and burlap chandelier

We absolutely fell in love with these burlap pumpkins!  And you’re going to not believe the prices on these!


















This chandelier couldn’t help but beckon us from across the showroom!!!











burlap pumpkins!!!!

We couldn’t believe our luck just happening upon these burlap pumpkins.  I believe I actually jumped for joy!  They were shoved in a back corner on a top shelf….I can’t imagine how many people were going to miss them, but the best news is that….WE DIDN”T MISS ANYTHING!

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