Neutral Bedroom Bliss

When it comes to bedrooms, our clients almost always ask for something soft, soothing and relaxing.  And of course, that’s completely understandable because we all want something we can relax in and get the much needed rest!  Many think immediately of blues and greens, I personally think of grays and beiges, or the dreamy category of colors in between the gray and beiges ,”greiges”  (pronounced ‘gray-zhoozh’).  Here is my master bedroom that features how neutral can be both calming, and rich and textural with the right combination of fabrics and textures.

A perfect combination of beige, gray, sisal, leather, cowhide, linen, cotton and mohair!

This home is currently listed for sale in Lexington, click here to visit the listing.

photos courtesy of Shaun Ring Photography

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