Meant to be SHARED!

You might have noticed in our ads and instore promo cards, we have the chalkboard seen to the left!  This year, we’ve decided to add a theme to our Christmas season:!  “Truly, the best parts of Christmas, are meant to be SHARED”.

Don’t worry, we’re all guilty.  Every day, time seems to go faster and faster, and we lose track of spending time with those we care the most about.  And before we know it, another year has already gone by!

This year, everything we’ve done, is in hopes of helping you share the holidays with the people you hold closest to your heart! Whether it’s being the place for you to come have a “best friends only” outing to go shopping, providing the perfect decor to get your house ready for guests, or to help you find special gifts for your friends! We want to be there for you to help share the best parts of Christmas with your friends and family!

After all, all we have is eachother, and the three of us completely understand that without you, there is no us!

So don’t waste anymore time! Get off the couch…company is coming!

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