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One of our favorite flowers is the magnolia blossom! Maybe it's because we are from the south.  Maybe it's because of the lovely and large white blossom.  Maybe it's because of the fragrance, or because of the equally gorgeous green foilage.  Regardless, it's a beautiful flower, but unfortunately, when you cut one off of a tree branch, it starts going brown and is dead within an hour!  To have magnolia blossoms cut in the house, has meant only one thing for a long had to use faux.  And truthfully, the faux magnolias that were out there for so long, were simply sad and bad interpretations!  But the days of bad faux magnolia have ended, because we have an incredible faux magnolia blossom now! And it couldn't have come at a better time for many brides!

Magnolia blossoms are a huge trend in weddings.  You'll see them all over Pinterest in bouquets and arrangements.  But what they don't tell you on the Pinterest posts is 1) the bouquet was made just for the photo series, and although the magnolia was real, it was only need for a short photo shoot and was made minutes before the shot. or 2) the magnolia was artificial!  

We've heard from many brides over the years, that only wanted fresh flowers in their bouquet.  However, as the quality of silk flowers have improved by leaps and bounds, using artificial stems have become something we see more and more.  And we understand the other benefits as well, the bride can keep the bouquet as a keepsake, and there are no issues with allergies.  

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