Local First Saves! yet again

So…I love Pottery Barn as much as the next person! I get lots of inspiration from them! However, today…while perusing their website, fell into the floor, when I saw something 99% like we’re selling here in the store, for 8x the price!
Tied vintage books! I mean….if you’ve been in, you know we love books, and we love groupings of them tied together! So much so, we started selling them in the store a few weeks ago. FOR $5 A STACK.
Pottery Barn is selling them for $39 a bundle!
Now in all fairness, their books are glued shut, our pages are still free, so you could actually untie and read the book if you would like! What a thought, lol! If it was that important to have them glued shut, I would get out the Elmers! Local first saves!

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