Lexington School Celebration 2011

divinely burlap

So…it’s only taken us 7 months, but we finally have some images up to show you some of the things we came up with for The Lexington School Celebration event.  We’ve worked on this event for two years running, and let me just tell you…it’s a lot of work, planning, and thought that goes into this event!  And that’s just on our part…the parents who are really involved and make this whole thing happen should be given medals of honor!  We started working on this event, almost 9 months prior! Our hands were in everything from the linens, to even me designing (with guidance from the event chair) the invitations and envelopes!

This year’s theme was “Make a World of Difference”, which was footed in the belief that small actions can change someone’s day, the way someone thinks or responds, or they can even stretch around the world and change something!  The visual inspiration for the florals and decor was this beautiful monochromatic rose bouquet that had been presented to us from a blog, I wish I could find the image, but it was simply to die for.  Except that we had to do it on a much smaller and less expensive budget!  What I kept using as my visual story line was a “save the whale rally” in Seattle in the 70’s.  It had mismatched fabrics, burlap, this soft color of turqoise, , old globes, book paper, and twine…that when combined…MMM….. it was nothing short of divinity.  I mean you can see what why we were in love with the combination if you’ve been in our store.

Enough talking….here’s some pictures!!!  Oh, and if you wonder what the mass of paper lanterns is, it was this massive “chandelier” that we created out of many paper lanterns all of different tones of turquoise, seafoam, and aqua!  It really was impressive in the gym, and transported you! You completely forget that you were in a gym!!!

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