Just back from market!


canvas pillow to die for!

You might have been wondering why we’ve been so quite the last few weeks.  NO it’s not because we’ve been on vacation, because UNFORTUNATELY we haven’t! Between the three of us working, we’ve covered Atlanta, Dallas, and New Jersey in the last 2 weeks! We’ve been very busy!

The most exciting news is that we just returned from Market, and WOW did we find some incredible things! If you can stomach it, believe it or not, we were in Atlanta buying Christmas for 2013!  Believe me when I say, Christmas 2013 is going to be LUSH!

However, we did still add a few more pieces to ship now that we just loved!  The pillow seen above to the left, is one of the items we can’t wait to get! The canvas, leather, and ring detail was enough to have all three of us jump from one side of the room to the other. We are currently waiting on tons of incredible stuff to come in! It’s hard to wait out of excitement!

If you can stomach us talk about Christmas for a second, we thought we would share a couple of other pieces that we love and think that you are going to love as well!  First is this cloche and wood base!  Although it’s not something that is ONLY Christmas, we won’t be receiving it until July with some of our Christmas Stuff!  You might have seen some of these around town at other shops that are costing somewhere around $100…… WELL NOT THESE!  They will be somewhere around $35!  Truly an incredible deal!


always have to love a cloche w/base

Lastly, we thought that we would share a Christmas tree!  We just simply fell in love with this one! It’s the best green color out there, and the fir branches on this are just divine! Very realistic looking!  We know that you’ll love it too!


Fir Tree

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