How to: Faux Wavy Petunia Basket

Wavy Petunias are one of our favorite flowers in the summer! They add so much color, and so much drama! There is a reason why they are such a go to during the summer for planters.  So....with that said...we thought....WHY SHOULDN'T THEY BE ON FRONT DOORS TOO?!


If you would like to make your own wavy petunia basket, you can purchase our Wavy Petunia Basket kit...which is available here!












In your kit, you will receive:

- 1 Door Basket, foamed and mossed.
- Wavy Petunia stems (color of your choice), picked
- Asparagus Fern stems, picked
- Fat Acuba stems, picked
The floral stems will be already cut and have a metail pick on the ends, which makes it so much easier to shove into the foam.  Please be cautious and careful, these picks are very sharp!
Here's our kit that we're going to use today.
Step 1: Start with the Asparagus fern.  Because the stems are wired, you can slightly bend the stems to make them have a more natural fill.  See how the branch on the left is straight and boring, and how the stem on the right arches and is more dramatic! Don't be afraid to give them some shape!  You can glue them in with a hot glue gun if you would like, that will help the stems feel more sturdy and help them not come out if you get a ton of wind at your home.
We're going to use the asparagus fern as a greenery filler, and want to establish our shape first.
Step 2: Use the larger stems of the Fat Acuba to fill in some of the left and the right sides (You will receive both larger stems and shorter stems of the Fat Acuba. We will use the smaller stems in Step 4)  Also, don't be afraid to bend these stems.  On the left side of the basket below, they are straight and boring, on the right they have been manipulated and bent, and are much more natural looking and dramatic.  It may look like we've left a big hole in the middle, but don't worry...we're going to fill that in with the Petunias!
Here is after the left ones have been fluffed.
Step 3: Add the Petunias! We are using 2 different colors in this "how to", so we're going to spread them out evenly in the open area of the basket.  After one color is in, then we're going to go back in and add the second color in the open spaces.
Step 4: Add the small Fat Acuba branches.  Use the smaller ones to fill in any spaces or holes you feel that you may have.
And there you have it! If you want, you can add ribbon like we did here to finish it off.  But you don't have to! 

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